About Recycle Your Auto

Recycle Your Auto is a family-owned and operated car removal company that started in 2001. The Recycle Your Auto family has over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry and car removal at the end of their useful lifespan. Recycle Your Auto takes to heart a family passion for cars and concern for the environment with earth-friendly car removal. The company has been in good standing with Work Safe BC since 2001.

Their experience in the vehicle industry has also given them an affinity for customer service. Though they are in the business to recycle cars, giving a customer peace of mind along with great service are top priorities at Recycle Your Auto. This is why they can be contacted 7 days a week, and after that call they will take care of everything.

Recycle Your Auto

Any Vehicle, Any Condition, We’ll Take It!

In terms of interesting vehicle recycling cases, the Recycle Your Auto team have seen it all. Cars can be safely removed from a property even if they are without wheels or not in drivable condition. Once they even had to remove a truck that was covered in over four years of growth!

Another reason The Recycle Your Auto family wanted to get involved with auto recycling was to help reduce the carbon footprint that cars have on the environment. They believe that by taking the time to properly recycle vehicles once they are no longer in use, a huge impact can be made on the Vancouver and Lower Mainland environment and economy by conserving resources and creating jobs.

Their experience and emphasis on service and earth-friendly auto removal ensure that your vehicle will be recycled quickly and safely.