5 Earth-Conscious Habits for Your Back-to-School Season

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The start of a New Year is always exciting, but there is also something to be said about the start of a school year that gets people in the “organization” mood. Which is why Recycle Your Auto wants to share these ‘5 Earth-Conscious Habits for Your Back-to-School Season’!

Go Digital

Helping your kids go digital at school can help stop paper waste and enable them to likely create more efficient notes. Let’s face it; kids are “electronics savvy” and can easily record what’s needed via such a format over the “old school” written word. So embrace change and help reduce waste!

Get Reusable

Reusable water bottles, lunch bags and containers will also cut down on our massive plastic waste problem, and also help keep your household costs down and school environments clean!

Power Down

Once school is back in session, your household will (or should) hum along with much less power being used each and every day. So make sure you adjust what’s plugged in and running each day to minimize the impact that power consumption has on our earth!


Recycling is an EXCELLENT and imperative habit for a healthy earth, but upcycling can also be a BIG benefit. Ways in which you can do this is by purchasing vintage clothing from your local consignment stores, find used furniture on Craigslist – or those awesome items we ALL see looking for a new home on the side of the road, or take part in a local flea market where you will find everything from food (new, not used!), flowers, clothes, electronics – and everything in-between. Upcycling is fun, offers a ton of options and helps out your community full circle!

Be Brand Conscious

From the foods you eat to the cars you buy to the clothes you wear; knowing where your brands are coming from, the condition of the factories used to produce them, and the sustainable nature of the operations within the company – all matter to the big picture. With school coming back into session, aim to school yourself and your family about the buying decisions you make every day, and turn them into conscious endeavors this year!

Happy (almost) back to school season everyone!

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