The Benefits of Recycling Your Unwanted Vehicle

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At Recycle Your Auto, we are proud to be the leading full-service auto recyclers in the Lower Mainland. Whether you have an unwanted car cluttering up your driveway, farming equipment laying around your property, or other types of autos or machinery you want to rid yourself of, we provide an easy and effective way to recycle vehicles right here in BC – and you get paid to do so!

Which is part of ‘The Benefits of Recycling Your Unwanted Vehicle’ that we want to share with you, among others…

The Environmental Benefits of Recycling Your Vehicle

Motor oil is a detriment to the environment if not disposed of properly, and can leak into land, waterways and ultimately – drinking water. By recycling your automobile or farming equipment you create one less risk for the environment, both on your land and beyond its borders.

The Energy Saving Benefits of Auto Recycling

Recycled steel makes up at least 25% of the steel utilized in products, so by recycling your scrap metal, you are playing an important role in saving enough energy to power 18 million households a year, which is equal to 85 million barrels of oil. This is a massive contribution that is a worthwhile effort by all.

Increase Property Value By Disposing of Scrap Auto Parts

With the rising value of property in the Lower Mainland, ensuring you are receiving the most profit from your investment is important, and by clearing your land of all scrap metal and unused autos and farming equipment, you can further increase the visual value immediately.

PLUS – Get Paid to Recycle Your Vehicle!

Possibly the best benefit of disposing of your vehicle, beyond the fact that you are helping the environment, saving energy, and increase your property value, is the fact that you get paid cash to do so no matter the condition of your vehicle …truly a win/win on all fronts!

At Recycle Your Auto we are available 24 hours a day, offering over 20 years of experience in the auto industry. We can be reached at 778-732-9253 anytime, and will ensure the proper disposal of your vehicle, while giving you top dollar for doing so!

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