How You Can Help Clean Up the Environment for 2018!

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With a New Year just around the corner, people all around our global community are gearing up for growth in one way or another. Whether a self-motivated desire for personal growth, company initiatives for a more rewarding employment environment, or a collective effort made with friends and family, the start of a new year is always a welcome way to bring in healthy habits, and why Recycle Your Auto would like to share ‘How You Can Help Clean Up the Environment for 2018’!

Making Cleaning Up a Collective Effort

Have you ever walked past garbage strewn on your street and been annoyed at those creating a mess in your neighbourhood? What if we all pitched in to help keep our planet a clean and trash-free environment? These things have a way of catching on, and when others begin to notice you making an effort to keep your community clean, you can bet they will join in on the idea!

Ramp Up Your Recycling

Perhaps you’re really good at separating your cardboard from your glass and plastic, but not so great at composting your kitchen scraps. Every little bit helps when it comes to keeping our air clean and our landfills free of things that can emit gases that – in large numbers – can actually turn into toxic pollution.

By taking every measure to only throw out only legitimate garbage and ensure your batteries, electronics, empty auto oil containers (and other such things that do not belong in the regular trash bin) are discarded of properly, you will be making a world of difference in the world around you!

Recycle Your Auto

At Recycle Your Auto, we think “recycle your auto” has a nice ring to it! In fact, we like it so much we will pay you to recycle your unwanted car, truck, tractor – or nearly any other metal farming equipment and machinery.

If you have an unwanted, decomposing automobile cluttering up your yard, we can quickly dispose of it for you and will pay you for doing so; helping you make a collective effort in cleaning up the environment for 2018!

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