Considering Recycling Your Auto or Farming Equipment this Fall? We Can Help!

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Rust orange, burnt yellow, moss green; these are all great colour selections for a fall wardrobe, but a lesser appealing colour choice when it comes to the car, truck or van sitting in your yard, or the variety of farming equipment decaying on your field.

If you are considering recycling your auto or farming equipment this fall …we can help, and want to encourage you to do so for a few simple reasons!

Recycling Helps the Environment

From bottles to cans to plastic to cardboard – recycling your disposable household containers is an important part in keeping our landfills clean. But did you also know that having an unwanted auto or farming equipment decaying on your property can also be cause for pollution concerns?

Whether you have an unwanted car, van, truck – or some in-between hybrid, any type of vehicle you have sitting idle can have up to 40 liters of hazardous fluids that still exist within it, along with lead and mercury. All of which seeps into the soil, causing toxic waste that will eventually getting into our water sources …and most farming equipment is no exception to this either.

Whether you have a tractor, mower, combine, plow – or any other type of farming equipment lying on your land, we can help you clean up your property and pay you to do so.

Other Farming Equipment We Also Recycle…

  • Reapers
  • Traction engines
  • Engines
  • Threshing machines
  • …and more!

Curious if you car or farming equipment qualifies to get recycled? It is easy to find out … simply Call or Text Recycle Your Auto on our 24-hour phone service at 778-732-9253, and we will immediately give you a quote over the phone and pay you in cash upon pick up.

Recycle Your Auto is the leading Auto and Farming Equipment Recycler in the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland region, helping you to become a part of the solution in keeping our planet (and your property) clean, while offering you a “cash reward” for doing so!

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