The Due Diligence of Recycling Farming Equipment

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Farming is often a family business passed down from one generation to the next, leading to hundreds of harvests and a variety of machinery over the years to see that harvest through. Often old, unwanted farming equipment is left somewhere on the farm with good intentions to restore it, or simply not having the time to deal with it.

Recycle Your Auto is here to help lighten your load, assisting you with the due diligence of recycling your farming equipment, keeping your land clean – both above and below the soil, while paying you to clean up!

Rusted Plows, Broken Combines, Tossed Tractors – Oh My!

No matter what type of broken down piece of farming equipment you might have, Recycle Your Auto can help take it off your hands, clearing up your land and ensuring your soil is not at risk for toxic waste. You may be surprised at what a decaying combine might be doing to the earth that is part of your life-source.

When Nostalgia Becomes Unhealthy

We understand that there is a certain nostalgia that comes with hanging onto things. Whether it’s your Grandma’s teapot, or your Grandpa’s rusty old plow, different things hold different meaning to each of us. It is not our intention to take away meaningful items off your farm, but rather – to help you ensure your family heirlooms aren’t actually a destructive part of your landscape.

Hazardous liquids could be seeping into your soil unknowingly, causing your plant life or farm animals harm. So although you might like the idea of hanging on to that old piece of machinery, consider the collective good and make your decision from a ‘healthy planet’ viewpoint.

Farming Equipment You May Want to Consider Recycling…

  • Traction engines and parts
  • Steam tractors
  • Reapers & Reaper-binders
  • Rusted plows
  • Combines
  • Portable, plowing and agricultural engines
  • Hog Oilers
  • Winnowing and threshing machines
  • …among others

Recycle Your Auto is the leading Auto and Farming Equipment Recycler in the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland region. We offer cash for scrap cars and farming equipment in BC, and with over 20 years of experience, Recycle Your Auto can help you become a part of the solution in keeping our planet clean – and will pay you to do so!

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