What Happens to Cars That Aren’t Recycled?

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I’m sure everyone has wondered what happens to cars that don’t sell and/or aren’t recycled, which is something Recycle Your Auto would like to answer for our reading audience!

Auto Dealerships and Auto Recycling

A popular belief is that dealers sell cars on behalf of the manufacturer – but the truth is, is that dealers actually purchase vehicles from the factory, and thus own all the vehicles they carry on their lot.

It then goes without saying that selling all of those vehicles within the year is definitely important, and although it is rare for a dealership to have a large inventory of un-sold vehicles, eventually these vehicles will have to go to auction in order to make way for new vehicles.

Although there are rumors of “auto graveyards”, where new vehicles are just put into large parking lots and left to rust, that is more of an Inside Edition article we won’t get into.

The Variables of Recycled Autos

Dealerships with used autos that are far too outdated to be sold will often donate the vehicles to a junkyard to be liquidated for scrap metal, which is then processed and sold to a recycler – and where we come in to help individuals do the very same thing!

Auto Recyclers Called to Task

Recycle Your Auto will work hard to ensure the safe removal of your vehicle or farming equipment from your property, even one’s without wheels or un-drivable condition.

If left unattended, a car that isn’t recycled will pollute the soil, which will then pollute any nearby water sources, cause air pollution, as well as create a landfill nightmare with an endless overrun of unused autos that haven’t been properly recycled for scraps.

By choosing to recycle an auto, you are helping to reduce the carbon footprint that cars have on the environment, help to keep our local environment clean, as well as aid in keeping the local economy thriving by conserving resources and creating jobs.

Recycle Your Auto is a family-owned and operated car removal company that has been around closing in on 2 decades, and offers over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry. We are available from 7am to midnight, 7 days a week, and looking forward to helping you with recycling your auto.

Any Vehicle, Any Condition, We’ll Take It!


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