Why Hiring a Charitable Local Business Matters

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Most people are looking to make a difference in the communities they are surrounded by, and as such, they commonly choose to purchase their goods and services from businesses that give back. Which is something Recycle Your Auto is proud to be a part of, as we couldn’t agree more that being a charitable local business matters!

Social Responsibility

Although a lot of times big corporations use “charity” as a means to leverage their business in a positive light, social responsibility is an important part in making this world a better place – no matter the motivation.

Whether it’s choosing to recycle your car in order to make some extra cash, or refer a friend to do so in order to help keep the environment clean; when you a hire a local company who is giving back to the charities that serve your community, you are adding to the collective good!

Being Local, Buying Local

“Local” is yet another buzz word being tossed about in mainstream marketing, but this is also for good reason. When you are purchasing your goods and services from local businesses, you are helping to stimulate the economy right where you live, keeping money local and aiding to improve the quality of life in a place you call home.

As a charitable local business, we wanted to let our customers know that your investment in the environment matters. Getting an unused vehicle off of the living organism of earth means you are helping keep the planet clean, and in doing so – you also help us provide charitable funds to those in need, creating a full circle of winning!

Recycle Your Auto is proud to be the leading auto recycler in the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland region. We offer cash for scrap cars and farming equipment – no matter the condition, and provide vehicle removal and auto recycling in Mission, Aldergrove, Abbotsford, Langley and throughout the entire Greater Vancouver area.

If you are looking for quick cash and like the idea of saving the planet and investing in your community – Recycle Your Auto is here to help, and looks forward to doing so!


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