How To Make Some Easy Cash This Fall

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Usually if someone offers you “easy cash”, it comes with strings attached. However, when Recycle Your Auto is offering you advice on ‘How To Make Some Easy Cash This Fall’ …we mean business! All YOU need is a car to recycle in the Fraser Valley, or farming equipment to recycle in the Lower Mainland – it’s that simple.

4 Easy Steps to Easy Cash

It only takes 4 easy steps to this ‘easy cash’ we speak of, which includes:

  • Sending Us a Text (or a call if you prefer!) …we offer a dedicated line to our customers, giving them the option to text or call to schedule the pick up of their unwanted car or farming equipment to recycle, making it quick, easy and efficient! You can reach us at: 778-732-9253 to get the process started.
  • Receiving a Quote …once you send us a message telling us what vehicle or farming equipment you want to recycle, we will respond with a quote and pay you in full (and in cash) when we come to pick up your unwanted car or farming equipment.
  • Having Your Car Removed …which is also an easy process, one that doesn’t even require you to be home to arrange. We will do all the heavy lifting and help you get rid of your unwanted vehicle or farming equipment, paying you cash to do so.
  • Getting Paid …as we said above, once we pick up your vehicle, we hand you the cash – and that’s that!

On top of all that, you get peace of mind, because directly after picking up your vehicle, it is dropped off at a recycling facility, allowing you to be part of the solution, maintain the integrity of the earth – and even make a small donation to charity in the process (courtesy of us)!

We’re not sure if you’ve ever had such an easy pay day before, but whether you have vehicle or farming equipment you want us to take off your hands, or you know someone who does – let us know!

Call or text us at: 778-732-9253. We will get back to you as soon as we can to arrange the easy removal of your vehicle or farming equipment, giving you top dollar and thanking you for being a part of a cleaner community!

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