How To Recycle Your Auto

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February is a time when people finally start resurfacing from their Christmas holiday spending, and begin to get back on track with their finances – looking forward to better weather and perhaps even a winter holiday before the season is through.

If you are finding your finances are still tight, and the thought of a winter vacation seems like a far-off dream, Recycle Your Auto has a solution. Whether you have an unwanted vehicle or farming equipment lying around, we can come take it off your hands and get it off your property, while making you money to do so!

Which leads us to the question we are most often asked: “what is the process for recycling my vehicle”?

5 Steps to Recycle Your Car

  • Call Recycle Your Auto: Call or text us via our 24-hour phone service at 778-732-9253
  • Find Out What Your Car is Worth: After learning more about your car, we will immediately give you a quote over the phone that we will pay in cash upon arrival.
  • Schedule Your Car Removal: Whether your car is mobile or has been sitting for years – we can remove it no matter the condition.

Plus …Know You Are Helping the Planet: We take all vehicles and farming equipment to a recycling facility where the different fluids and parts are sent to the appropriate facilities to be reused or recycled, ensuring it is properly disposed of.

Start to finish; the process is very simple with Recycle Your Auto. In addition, you are helping to keep the environment clean – investing in your future more than just with the financial gain you will receive!

Also, you will be investing in a local company who understands the importance of giving back. We’re not only passionate about keeping the planet clean, but also about giving back to our local community, which we do monthly. Curious? Find out more about our Charity of the Month Program.

Regardless of your motivation to recycle your unwanted auto or farming equipment, Recycle Your Auto can help, offering you the maximum possible benefit in which to do so!

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