The Importance of Hiring the Right Recycle Company

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Not all recycle companies are made equal, especially when it comes to recycling your auto – which is why we wanted to explain to our reading audience ‘The Importance of Hiring the Right Recycle Company’!

Environmentally Conscious vs. Environmental Catastrophe

There is a big difference between a recycling company who will dispose of your vehicle in a way that helps the environment, and one that will simply move it to another landfill, causing just as much damage to the earth as it would sitting in your yard.

The end-of-life handling of a recycled vehicle can take many turns, so hiring the right recycle company will play a big role in if you are helping or hindering the earth.

Conscious Care Counts

Although a lot of people simply want to retire their unused vehicles in order to make a profit, increasing numbers of people are looking for ways to “throw stuff away” in a conscious manner. From regular sorting of garbage vs. recyclables, to compost items and garborator goods, the collective community of people is growing in their conscious efforts to maintain the health of our planet – and Recycle Your Auto is right there along with you. Conscious care counts, and every little bit helps!

Hazardous Fluids and Your Vehicle

There is, on average, about 40 liters of hazardous fluids in any given vehicle no longer in use, along with lead and mercury. If these fluids and metals leak and decay into the soil, they are truly toxic to the ground and the water sources near them. So having someone come and dispose of your vehicle with proper disposal methods will keep these hazardous fluids from becoming part of your eco-system – making it a recovery and recycling process.

Recycle Your Auto is a family-owned and operated car removal company that started in 2001. The Recycle Your Auto family has over 20 years of experience in the auto and car removal industry, and our a passion for cars and concern for the environment shows in our service.

Allows us to help you be a part of this conscious auto-removal process, and get paid for doing so!

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