The Importance of Real Customers Reviews

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Today’s savvy consumer seeks out a variety of “word of mouth” outlets before choosing a business and making their buying decisions. These outlets include a company’s website, their social media pages, as well as reviews from the various platforms available to them. Which leads us to ‘The Importance of Real Customers Reviews’ and why this matters to you – the consumer.

Honesty Matters

Honesty matters for both the consumer as well as the business being reviewed, and reviews can be dishonest on both spectrums of the scale. Some companies employee people to write hyper-positive bogus reviews for them to bolster their business, while some individuals take it upon themselves seek to deface a company through false reviews for sheer pleasure. This doesn’t do any good for consumers or businesses, but there are ways to see through these dishonest measures.

Sniffing Out a Real Review

Over the years a company will (or should) gain a lot of reviews, and out of the bunch one will often be able to determine real reviews over fake ones. Sometime’s it’s as simple as a customer also submitting an image with their review, or ways in which it has been worded where you can detect sincerity; one way or another it is often pretty obvious which reviews are “fluff” or falsely defamatory, and which ones are legitimate. So use both caution and common sense when reading reviews, and be sure to read more than 5 on either side of the scale to get a true sense.

Reviews Help Businesses Stay Accountable

Reviews on Google+ and Facebook cannot be altered, which makes it important for you to decipher truth amongst them.

That being said, this candid nature helps companies stay accountable and maximize their customer service. Which is also shown in whether or not a company responds to reviews, how they respond, and what manner they use in dealing with negative reviews.

Honestly, we recently received a very bad false review, and although the initial knee-jerk reaction is to ensure EVERYONE knows this is a false review and the offensive nature of it – we chose to simply address the individual in a professional manner for everyone to decide for themselves.

As a small business who has worked hard to ensure our customer service and quality care in bar-none, we recognize the importance of dealing with people who are looking to tear down a business in hopes of promoting their own, and choose to stand on our clear reputation through the outpouring of support over being bothered by a false review.

As a consumer, we encourage you to honestly review the companies you employ. This will help others make educated buying decisions, as well as help businesses stay accountable. An honest review can help a businesses grow in ways you may not be aware of – and personally, we highly appreciate our thoughtful customers who have taken the time to thank us for our service or call out areas we can look at to improve upon.

We’re here to listen and help, and with over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry and car removal at the end of their useful lifespan – Recycle Your Auto takes to heart a family passion for cars and concern for the environment with our earth friendly car removal.

We look forward to helping you with all your auto and farming equipment removal needs in the Lower Mainland, and appreciate your business and reviews!

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