Reasons Why Recycling Scrap Metal Matters

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Scrap metal comes in many forms, and automobiles and farming equipments fall into the scrap metal category. This is why recycling your auto is so important for green initiatives, and why we want to share these Reasons Why Recycling Scrap Metal Matters!

Recycling Your Auto Helps to Keep Landfills Empty

Landfill waste involves a pile of unwanted bulk items that end up in one corner or another of Canada, most often within your community, literally filling the earth with junk. The variety of materials left to rot can cause the earth to literally decay, and not in a compostable way, but one that takes years to repair – if ever. So doing your part in keeping landfills empty of unwanted vehicles, offers a great environment benefit, and we offer you money to do so!

Recycling Your Auto Keeps Toxic Chemicals Contained

Batteries, radios, and other such decaying items within your vehicle and farming equipment, cause significant pollution concerns. Just as throwing out electronic devices will eventually leak toxic substances including lead and mercury, so too do a number of auto parts cause damage to the soil and waterways if left to decay on their own. So by recycling your auto, you will help to keep toxic chemicals contained, as they should be!

Recycling Your Auto Minimizes Resource Mining

Metal is a resource that is mined for, so recycling your auto actually keeps your metal in use, minimizes resource mining, and reduces all number of pollutants in doing so!

Recycling Your Auto Reduces Energy and Greenhouse Gases

It takes more energy to turn mined ore into metal than it does to turn recycled steel into usable steel – to the tune of up to a whopping 95% less energy! In addition, by not having to use massive machinery to mine for ore, and all the fuel these machines require to run that eat up precious fossil fuels and emit greenhouse gases, this too aids in the reduction of the things that most impact the earth in a negative way.

Whether you have a desire to protect the planet and minimize the impact we make on her, or you simply want to remove your unused auto or farming equipment from your driveway or farmyard – Recycle Your Auto can help. Not only that, but we’ll pay you for you conscious decision, making it a win from every angle!

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