Simple Steps to Cleaning Up the Environment

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At, we take pride in being part of the solution to environmental pollution, and want to remind our reading audience about the steps they can take to help keep their environment clean in order to continue to enjoy the beautiful world we live in for many years to come!

Don’t Forget the Basics

Although you might be tempted to throw away recyclables in the trash when there aren’t any recycle bins nearby, these small things lead to big problems when everyone has the same mindset of “this one item won’t matter”. Every little bit helps, so ensure you are a part of the solution by doing your part every step of the way!

Understand Energy Consumption

Energy consumption also plays a part in polluting the environment, as it requires fossil fuels and the harsh ways in which they are extracted in order to run such things as your power.

Although there has been an increase in alternative energy – such a hydroelectric energy, it is still important to minimize your energy consumption as much as possible to help curb the drain on the environment, and can be done by…

  • Turning down the heat in the winter
  • Turning off the air conditioner and using outside cool morning and evening air to keep your home comfortable
  • Turning off the lights
  • Unplugging unused electronics
  • Using less water and/or cold water for washing clothes

Join the Up-Cycle Movement

Instead of buying new items, consider the popular trend of using “up-cycled” clothing, furniture or other such hand-me-downs. It’s a trendy, treasure hunt driven method of helping the environment, and you can actually land amazing clothing and furniture to boot!

Last but definitely not least on our list of ‘Simple Steps to Cleaning Up the Environment’, is to ensure you recycle your unused vehicle and farming equipment …and we will help you via these 5 simple steps…

5 Steps to Recycle Your Car

  • Give us a call: Contact us on our 24-hour phone service (778-732-9253) so we can schedule a time that works best for you to come pick up the vehicle.
  • Get a quote: After learning more about your car, we will immediately give you a quote over the phone that we will pay in cash upon arrival.
  • Get your car removed: We don’t need your keys…we don’t even need the car to have wheels.
  • Get paid: We leave every customer with more space in their yard and cash in their pocket.
  • Get peace of mind: Directly after picking up the vehicle, it is dropped off at a recycling facility where the different fluids and parts are sent to the appropriate facilities to be reused or recycled.

So when you’re ready to rid yourself of your auto or machinery – we’re ready to help, and can be reached at 778-732-9253.

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