Small Efforts Make a Big Difference

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Sometimes we tend to think that our small efforts don’t make a dent in the grand scheme of things, but we’re here to tell you – they truly do! Can you imagine if the 2-some-odd-million people who live in the Lower Mainland were each to throw out a plastic cup? That alone would be 2-million cups that would end up in a landfill somewhere …in just ONE day. So don’t think that small efforts don’t matter, because it all adds up one way or the another, creating a disaster – or preventing one.

Basic Recycling Matters

It’s odd to think that North Americans only started recycling a few short decades ago. Think of how much further ahead we would be if this was always a conscious decision our nation made, along with our collective global community. Every piece of plastic you throw away matters more than you likely know, so we encourage you to be conscious of ALL your basic recycling – plastics especially.

Energy Consumption Matters

We often don’t think of using energy as a way in which we pollute the earth – but it is. From the process required to create energy, to how much we use – it all matters. So aim to make small changes in your life to help ease the problem. From keeping the heat or air conditioning down, turning off lights religiously, unplugging everything in your home that is not being used, switching to cold water to wash your clothes, and/or buying used instead of new. Again – small efforts make big changes!

At Recycle Your Auto, we are in the business of recycling the bigger things that impact our earth. When cars, trucks and farming equipment are not disposed of properly, they corrode into the earth and cause a variety of long-term concerns to the planet that take a long time to recover from.

Having your car or farming equipment recycled is easy, AND we pay you to do it …so there is no reason to hold off on this small effort either, as it will help you clean up your property while making some extra cash too.

When you’re ready to be a part of the solution, we’re ready to help by calling or texting us at 778-732-9253. Thanks for all your small efforts, they very much do make a BIG difference!

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