Spring Clean Your Yard While Cleaning Up the Planet Too!

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Spring is in the air, and with it often comes the desire to clean house too – which is something Recycle Your Auto is here to help you with!

As a full-service auto recycler based out of the Fraser Valley, we are passionate about helping people clean up their yard, while cleaning up the planet too. Whether you have a vehicle you need disposing of or machinery that no long serves a purpose on your farm or in your shop, we’ll pay you to clean up!

Recycling Your Auto – the Environmental Benefits

When cars and machinery are left to decay on their own, the fluids within them begin to seep out into the soil, potentially leading to food sources and water, putting both humans and animals at risk.

This environmental damage takes years to recover from, which is why having professionals properly dispose of your auto waste is imperative – and something we’re happy to do for you!

Recycling Your Auto – Energy Benefits

25% of steel products come from recycled steel, making it one of the most reusable recycled materials on the planet. These types of recycling numbers adds up to 85 million barrels of oil (that won’t need to be mined for) a year, keeping fossil fuels in the earth as they should be, and not in the soil.

Recycling Your Auto – the Property & Business Benefits

Whether you own a farm that has become littered with unused machinery, or a home with an unwanted vehicle lying around, by disposing of these things you will not only clean up your yard and prevent pollution, you will also increase the value of your property. And with real estate being the top commodities in the Lower Mainland, every penny counts!

Recycling Your Auto – the Financial Benefits

Apart from all the other benefits mentioned above, you will also get PAID for recycling your auto. So in short, you are cleaning up the environment, saving on energy, improving your property value and earning money all at the same time!

At Recycle Your Auto we are available from 7am to midnight, 7 days a week, offering over 20 years of experience in the auto industry. We can be reached at 778-732-9253 anytime, and will ensure the proper disposal of your vehicle while giving you top dollar for doing so.

Still have more questions? Check out our FAQ page HERE!

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