The Benefits of a New Year Neighbouhood Cleanup

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Being neighbourly use to mean more than just the occasional wave and lending a cup of sugar. ‘Back in the day’ neighbours regularly helped out those who shared their street address with yard work, tilling the fields, child minding, and all manner of thoughtful gestures that would keep communities thriving.

At Recycle Your Auto – we want to bring thriving communities back, and we thought a good start might be to introduce ‘The Benefits of a New Year Neighbouhood Cleanup’!

A Neighbouhood Cleanup Can Create a Sense of Community

‘Community’ is a bit of a foregone reality. With busy schedules, a pre-existing secured group of friends and moving more frequently, having neighbours you would call ‘friends’ is not as common as a couple of generations past.

Which is why, joining forces with those who live closest to you, to promote a neighbourhood cleanup, could really bring about good will and new friendships – and be great for the earth too!

A Neighbouhood Cleanup Helps the Planet

Not only will you potentially stumble upon new friends for yourself or the entire family, but a neighbourhood cleanup also helps the planet!

By removing plastics and other such corrosive products from the ground, along with any potential unwanted automobiles and farming equipment, you will be helping the earth stay clean and clear of toxins that breakdown and get into our soil.

An automobile left to decompose on a piece of property leaves behind harmful materials such as oil, transmission fluid, coolant, power steering fluid and brake fluid. If they are not properly recycled or disposed of, these fluids can result in the contamination of soil and ground water. One liter of engine oil can pollute as much as one million liters of water – a valuable natural resource we truly need to protect!

A Neighbouhood Cleanup Improves Property Value

If making new friends and protecting the earth wasn’t enough incentive, a neighbourhood cleanup will also help improve property value, making the land and location look more appealing, and offer those looking to move into your neighbourhood an esthetically pleasing area to potentially call home.

Curious to know more about recycling your auto? Call or text us at 778-732-9253… your small efforts make a big difference and we’re here to help be a part of that!

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