The Fate of a Car That Isn’t Recycled

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Not a lot of people consider what happens to their car when it has reached the end of its life. But at Recycle Your Auto, it’s our job to care if cars are disposed of properly, and encourage people to get unwanted vehicles off their property to ensure the health of our environment, and keeping the earth healthy from the soil up.

Which is why we want you to understand ‘The Fate of a Car That Isn’t Recycled’.

How Auto Dealers Dispose of Vehicles

Car lots literally own each and every car that is on their lot. They are not “leased” from the dealers, but rather purchased from the factories. This means that selling these vehicles is imperative for their financial wellbeing. If not, these vehicles are auctioned off for a loss and the dealerships start this process all over again each new buying season.

As it pertains to old, unwanted vehicles – the process is largely the same, selling them off to the highest bidder elsewhere off the lot, and dusting their hands of being responsible where they go from there.

So Where DO They Go From There?

Often vehicles that are no longer operational will be sold for parts or donated to a liquidator who will utilize the scrap mettle for a variety of purposes.

On the rare occasion, both old AND new cars will sit in car lots (or empty lots) for a long time, sometimes literally forgotten by dealerships as it is more costly to discard of the vehicles than to just write them off as a loss.

This fate is the one that causes environmental concerns, allowing these cars to corrode into the earth, along with all the toxic waste that the come with.

At Recycle Your Auto, we want to collectively help keep these cars out of our earth, assisting you to remove your unwanted car safely and dispose of it properly. Plus – we pay you to recycle!

We offer our customers over 20 years of experience in the auto industry, and look forward to helping you recycle ANY vehicle in ANY condition across the Lower Mainland this fall!

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