The Problem with Plastic

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There has been a lot of coverage about “plastic pollution” in the media lately, and although we are in the Auto Recycling Industry, we believe that bringing awareness to all recycling issues matter. Which brings us to ‘the problem with plastic’…

The Use of Plastics for Profit and Convenience

From water bottles to straws, pool floaties to kids’ ball pits, plastic is used for everything and is everywhere, bringing about the greatest, most unprecedented plastic waste in our landfills, tide and overall environment ever.

Despite this issue, the use and production of plastics continue to grow year after year, as it offers companies who require packing of their goods a versatile yet strong material that simply hasn’t lost its luster. And consumers, mostly unconsciously) purchase many-a-thing made with/for/packaged in plastic.

So …What IS the Problem with Plastic?

The problem with plastic is it doesn’t break down, like – ever. So when it enters our waterways or landfills, it doesn’t leave. It gets consumed by whales, swallowed up by birds, wrapped around various sea life, and clogs up corners of the earth suffocating many kinds of life forms in its path.

It is estimated that up to 95% of waste pollution is plastic, and with no sign of slowing down companies using this type of packaging, it is important that consumers take into account their lifestyle choices and reduce how they use and discard of their plastics.

Europe recently took it upon themselves to break down plastic into tiny pellets and create roadways out of it. Something they say is even more durable than traditional asphalt. Meanwhile, China’s under-regulated plastic industry has people literally dying from the toxins within plastics, unaware of the issue until after the fact, or completely aware and still going ahead with melting it down, reprocessing it and turning it into other consumer goods.

There is a long way to go in getting our green earth back on track and keeping it that way – green, and every little bit we do helps, including becoming aware of the problem itself.

Recycle Your Auto is a family-owned and operated car removal company that offers over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry and car removal business. We are passionate about the environment, which is why we chose to do our part with our earth friendly car removal service, and would be thrilled to help you do your part also, by removing your unwanted vehicle and pay you cash to do so!

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