Top Spring Cleaning Tips for a Better You and a Better Earth

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Despite all the snow, spring truly is just around the corner, and with this blossoming season also comes the yearly ‘clean and purge’ routine – which Recycle Your Auto would like to help you with via these ‘Top Spring Cleaning Tips for a Better You and a Better Earth’!

The Freedom of Less ‘Stuff’

In North America, we tend to have a bad habit of collecting ‘stuff’. From reams of clothes to multiple cars to knickknacks in every corner, we are collectors of things and it ties us to the weight of ownership.

Whether endlessly cleaning up around all the items we’ve purchased, having to maintain a variety of cars, or endlessly running late from not being able to choose an outfit from our hefty wardrobe – the lack of freedom stuff actually creates, is a bigger deal than you might suspect.

Our Suggestions…

  • Consolidate your vehicles to reduce monthly expenses
  • Reduce your wardrobe to essentials and sprinkle in the items that make you look your absolute best
  • Give away trinkets that don’t have any significant meaning to you for a cleaner home throughout

Go Paperless

Whether you use paper towels or have a business that prints off a lot of paper items – going paperless will reduce waste, as well as minimize the energy and natural resources it costs to create them. Simple, effective solution to keeping the earth clean!

Invest in Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

While you’re busy cleaning up, take a look at your actual cleaning products. Many of them contain harsh chemicals that are bad for your immediate environment, and the overall environment as a whole. So find ones that offer a third-party “green” approval rating, or opt for fully natural DIY cleaning products that work just as well!

Seek Ways to Save Energy

From turning down your thermostat 2-5 degrees, to hanging your laundry to dry, to repurposing old items – textiles, furniture, trinkets – into up-cycled items you can sell, re-gift, or offer up to a reputable thrift store who will put your items to good use; these are all excellent ways to save energy and minimize an unhealthy impact on the earth.

Compost Your Food

When sorting through your pantry, don’t just toss away canned goods or packaged items you never got around to trying your “inner chefs” hand at. Instead – donate food that is still good, garborate the food that has expired, and compost the rest.

Recycle Your Auto

We won’t lie – this one is our favourite, because that is what we do! We help remove autos or agricultural equipment from your property, all without leaving a mark behind and in a green certified manner. Not only will you make money from recycling your vehicle with us, you can also feel good knowing that all the parts are recycled with Mother Nature’s approval to the maximum possible benefit, keeping the earth clean and making your spring cleanup a worthwhile effort!

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