Ways You Give Back When You Recycle Your Auto

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Recycling can seem like a chore to some and a rightful duty to others – but no matter what way you look at it, we wanted you to know about the ‘Ways You Give Back When You Recycle Your Auto’. Whether these points will help push you in the direction of recycling your auto, or make you feel good for already being a conscious contributor – Recycle Your Auto thought they were worth a mention!

Recycling Your Auto Gives Back to the Earth

Did you know that in North America nearly 85 million barrels of oil are SAVED from not having to create new auto parts when you recycle your auto? This means you are immediately helping the environment, keeping a massive amount of fossil fuels from having to be used needlessly.

Recycling Your Auto Keeps Harmful Toxins Out of the Earth

Your auto contains oil, transmission fluid, coolant, as well as power steering and brake fluid, and all these fluids eventually break down into the earth if left to their own corrosive devices. In Addition, mercury can be found in many auto parts, which also makes its way into the earth, polluting soil and water needlessly.

Recycling Your Auto Prevents Pollution

One liter of engine oil can pollute as much as one million liters of water if it isn’t properly recycled – hence, the uproar about the BC Pipeline. A story for another day perhaps!

Recycling Your Auto (through Recycle Your Auto) Helps Your Community!

Did you know Recycle Your Auto gives back to our local community? So far we have had the privilege of donating to:

  • Abbotsford Seniors Centre
  • Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Langley
  • Meals On Wheels Abbotsford
  • Abbotsford Hospice Society
  • Chilliwack Children’s Foundation
  • Mission Firefighters Charitable Society
  • Langley Christmas Bureau
  • Abbotsford Food Bank
  • Fraser Valley Child Development Society
  • Aldergrove Food Bank
  • Kent Society

Find out more about our Charity of the Month Program.

Regardless of your motivation to recycle your unwanted auto or farming equipment, Recycle Your Auto can help, and will pay you cash to do so with these easy steps…

Call or text us at: 778-732-9253 to schedule a time that works best for you to come pick up the vehicle

Get your car removed: We don’t need your keys…we don’t even need the car to have wheels

Get paid: We leave every customer with more space in their yard and cash in their pocket

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