When To Retire Your Vehicle

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Vehicle ownership can be an expensive ordeal. Whether purchasing new or buying used, either option requires an ongoing car payment or endless car repairs. So retiring your vehicle can seem like you spent years simply throwing money out the window, making knowing when to retire your vehicle a tough decision.

Which is why recycling your vehicle with Recycle Your Auto can lessen the blow of retiring a vehicle you have spent a lot of time and money on, because we pay you to do so. Plus, we are here to help you decide whether it is more beneficial for you to trade it in, or hand it over to us for quick removal and cash in hand.

Recycle Your Car – if it No Longer Runs

Recycling your car of farming equipment in the Lower Mainland is a simple process through Recycle Your Auto. If you have a vehicle that no longer runs, the easiest solution would be to have us pick it up and pay you cash for doing so.

Trade Your Car In – if it’s Valued Over $1000

If you want to purchase another vehicle to replace the one you currently drive, it would most likely benefit you to trade it in if it’s worth over $1000. Although we pay you the most money as possible to recycle your vehicle, we cannot compete with auto dealers looking to acquire your service and give you an “on paper” dollar amount to set against the purchase price of your next vehicle.

We are always happy to take your vehicle or farming equipment away no matter the condition, but we also want you to understand your options.

Also, keep in mind that recycling your auto helps the planet!

Did You Know…

  • – Recent Canadian studies have shown that approximately 6,000 British Columbian premature deaths each year are related to smog? Keep our air and earth clean by removing toxic chemicals, such as the ones your decaying vehicle can leave behind.
  • – Recycling your car can give some auto parts a second chance at being useful instead of mining for metals that require hefty fossil fuels in which to do so.

So if you have an unwanted vehicle – be a part of the solution, and make some quick cash while doing so with the help of Recycle Your Auto!

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