Why Giving Back Doesn’t Need to Cost Money

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At Recycle Your Auto, we feel there are many ways to give back to the world, and your community at large, without such acts costing money. Which is why, with the spirit of the holiday season upon us, we wanted to offer up some ideas on how you could do so without having to spend a cent!

Give the Gift of a Clean Community

Small efforts of a few can make a big difference to the whole – especially when it comes to cleaning up. As your mom use to say: “many hands make light work”.

Whether getting your family, friends, or even your neighbours on board, you could collectively clean up any trash along the roadside, waste products in your yards or on the farm, and create a visually pleasing environment the entire community can appreciate!

Give the Gift of Time

Time is perhaps one of the most “costly” things we can give, as it is so scarce in society today. Perhaps you work long hours, attend to your children’s sports team, help out an aging family member – or any number of other things, these all can take more hours than you have in a day and we understand that time is limited. Which is why GIVING it counts for so much.

Whether choosing to participate in your local Salvation Army or Food Bank this Christmas by handing out or sorting food, deciding to sign up for Big Brothers or Big Sisters in 2019 to give of your time to a child who needs exactly that, or you create your own mission handing out warm beverages and snacks to your homeless community – this gifts of time will make someone’s season shine bright, and very likely grow your heart two-sizes in the process!

Give the Gift of an Environmental Cleanup

If you have an unwanted vehicle or farming equipment that is no longer operational, allowing us to pay you to take it off your property and keep the environment clean gives back in immediate ways, as well as better preserves the earth for generations to come – making it well worth your time!

At Recycle Your Auto, it is our honour to choose a different local charity in the Langley, Aldergrove, Abbotsford or Mission area to donate to every month; giving back to the communities we serve. This is all possible thanks to your generosity in choosing us as your auto and farming equipment recycler, and we look forward to collectively giving back this year right alongside you!

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