Why Hiring Local Helps Your Community

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Whether hiring local or buying local, “local” is a big thing right now – and for good reason. Giving back to the community you live in helps it grow in many ways. From financial growth thanks to keeping your dollars local, to helping those who have chosen to build a career outside of the corporate community – this all comes full circle to make your neighbourhood a better one, and ‘Why Hiring Local Helps Your Community’!

Being a Part of Social Change in Your Community

People often think of social change on a grand worldwide scale. But social change can be as simple as spending time with your neighbours, changing your Facebook world into a real face-time reality.

Small changes like these make a big difference, and show the younger generations that staying active in your community, as well as regularly interacting with your friends and neighbours, can help societies “come alive” (again) …in the most basic sense of caring and sharing life.

Being Part of Social Responsibility in Your Community

The term ‘social responsibility’ also has a big presence in the marketing world today, and is usually geared towards the global community – but we want to relate it to our local communities.

Social responsibility, in our minds, is about looking out for your community in ways that ensure it is a clean environment, a community that comes together to take part in cleaning up after itself, doing the basic due diligence of keeping our neighbourhood clean, recycling, and when possible – stepping up to encourage a neighbour or friend to recycle unwanted cars and farming equipment that can cause soil damage when left to decay into the earth.

Small efforts can lead to big changes, and Recycle Your Auto would love to be a part of the change, helping you to remove unwanted cars and farming equipment in Mission, Aldergrove, Abbotsford, Langley and throughout the entire Greater Vancouver area.

Whether you are looking to make some easy money or are aiming to help the planet – Recycle Your Auto is here to help you do both, and we look forward to doing so!

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